Arbitration Proceedings in Yemen – Part V

This fifth post of the Arbitration Proceedings in Yemen will be discussing issues related to general arbitration proceedings such as commencement of the proceedings, representation and funding, and other substantial procedural issues. References in this post will be given to Yemen Arbitration Law No (22) of 1992, as amended (the “Arbitration Law”) and Yemeni Centre for Conciliation and Arbitration Rules (“YCCA Rules”). When and how is an arbitration proceeding formally commenced? According to Article (34) of the Arbitration Law, the arbitration proceeding is formally commenced once one party receives the request for arbitration from the other party. Is it common

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Labour and Employment in Yemen – Part 4

This is the fourth and final post of a monthly series featuring labour and employment related issues in Yemen. The series will provide a comprehensive review of most employment-related issues including statutory and contractual issues, remuneration and working hours, statutory leave entitlements, and termination and gratuity.  Termination Issues An employee is entitled to compensation in the case where an employer decides to arbitrarily terminate his or her employment contract. Such compensation shall be determined by an Arbitration Committee and may not exceed six months of basic wage. However, employers are entitled to unilaterally terminate a contract of employment without written

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