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Labour and Employment in Yemen – Part 1

This post was published in Lexology about the Labour and Employment in Yemen, can be found from this link Labour and Employment in Yemen – Part 1. The post discusses the arbitration … This is the first post of a monthly series featuring labour and employment related issues in Yemen. The series will provide a comprehensive review of most employment-related issues including statutory and contractual issues, remuneration and working hours, statutory leave entitlements, and termination and gratuity.  Statutory and Contractual Issues The relationship between employers and employees is governed by the provisions of the Yemeni Labour Law No. 5 of 1995 as

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Arbitration Proceedings in Yemen – Part I

14 May 2017 This series of posts shall respond to frequently asked questions related to arbitration and related proceedings in Yemen. This post shall deal with the legislative framework for arbitration in Yemen. Please identify by title and date the principal laws and regulations governing (i) domestic and (ii) international arbitration in Yemen and provide an overview of these laws and regulations and whether they are based on the UNCITRAL Model Arbitration Law. In 1981, Yemen was the first Arab country to establish a modern arbitration law, conciliating the Islamic Shari’a and modern legislation. Following the unification of North and

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