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Dr Abdulla Mohammed Maktari



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    Dr Abdulla Mohammed Maktari graduated from London University with a degree in Comparative Law (Islamic and English law) (1960). Holder of a Master’s Degree in Legal Reform in the Middle East, International Institute of Education Scholarship, University of California School of Law and Near East Centre (1963). PhD Degree, Churchill College, University of Cambridge, UK (1969).

    1964 – 1966: Worked for Pan American Hadhramwat Oil Company.
    1970 – 1973: Teaching post at the University of Malaya.
    1973 – 1975: Acting Vice Chairman, University of Sana’a.
    1978: Visiting Scholar at the University of California lecturing in the College of Law, UCLA.
    1975 until retirement: Practising law in Yemen with unique expertise in Banking laws of Yemen and Oil and Gas.

    Adviser to Yemen Hunt Oil Company, Arco, Exxon, British Petroleum and several other oil companies, for 24 years.

    Among Clients: Citibank, Bank of America, Midland Bank, World Bank, Yemen International Bank, Mitsui, C-Itoh, Marubeni, Sumitomo. Also worked for Hawker Siddley and Sir William Halcrow

    Publications: Business laws of Yemen, Water Rights in Southwest Arabia: a study of Islamic and customary laws. Also circulated my own translation of the Yemeni Labour law, Company law and other laws relating to commercial activities in Yemen.